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Avcom Communications L.L.C. offers Fire Alarm Runner Service in New Brunswick, North Brunswick, East Brunswick and Milltown NJ.

Alarm Runner Service by Avcom Communication will provide for a knowledgeable person to respond to Fire Alarm Activation 24 hours a day.

Professional Investigation of System status helps to minimize false alarms and reduces liability due to incorrect user operation.

Alarm Runner Person will investigate source of alarm activation and confirm that the system has been properly reset and is in service.

Alarm Runner Person will be notified at time of alarm activation and will interface with Fire Response team.

Alarm Runner Person will arrange for system service and repair if needed.

Alarm Runner service is a contracted service and does not include repair.

Alarm Runner is only Available on Systems Serviced by Avcom Communications L.L.C. and monitored by Communication Laboratories L.L.C.

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Since 1977 our experts have offered

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